OptiCool Fluid™

OptiCool Fluid™

DSI OptiCool Fluid® is an ultra-low-viscosity dielectric heat transfer fluid. It has excellent cooling performance. It’s made from highly purified synthetic hydrocarbon oils and advanced antioxidants. OptiCool is compatible with other hydrocarbon oils and standard equipment materials.

OptiCool Fluid is widely used as a cooling fluid in high voltage electronic equipment and to cool electronic circuit boards.

The viscosity of OptiCool Fluid is below that of standard mineral transformer oil. Tests and field experience show that equipment designed to operate with standard transformer oil will often operate at lower temperatures when filled with OptiCool Fluid.

OptiCool Fluid is non-corrosive and not hazardous to workers. It can be stored, handled and processed in the same way as standard mineral oils.

OptiCool Fluid pours at temperatures down to -50 C. It’s ideal for applications in cold environments. Being synthetic, OptiCool contains no sulfur at all.

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