Cable Flood, Fill & Gels


Cable Flood, Fill & Gels

Naptel 310 TDS | SDS
Naptel 500 TDS | SDS
Naptel 5116 TDS | SDS
Solguard Cable Shield Blue (Lithium Complex) TDS | SDS
Solguard Cable Shield Red (Clay-based) TDS | SDS
Soltexfill ETPR TDS | SDS
Soltexfill NDC TDS | SDS


Synthetic hydrocarbon fluids that provide oxidative inhibition and prevention of moisture ingress in telecom cables.

Application Benefits

Excellent moisture barrier and anti-oxidant. Assures electrical properties for optimum fiber optic cable performance and provides excellent compatibility with polymers used in cable construction. Impregnants that inhibit water ingress and migration in paired copper wire and fiber optic telecommunication cables.