Acetylene Black


Acetylene Black

Acetylene Black 50%-03 TDS | SDS
Acetylene Black 75%-03 TDS | SDS
Acetylene Black 100%-03 TDS | SDS
Acetylene Black Granular-03 TDS | SDS


Soltex Acetylene Black is made from the thermal decomposition of acetylene gas. This product is available in powder and granular forms, as well as standard and battery grades. 

Soltex Acetylene Black is a specialty additive that provides the highest degree of structural aggregation, increased thermal and conductive properties, and low metal content that meet the high standards of the aerospace, automotive and battery industries. Due to increased crystallization and a more developed secondary structure, Soltex Acetylene Black has high absorption and conductivity levels. These unique characteristics contribute to enhanced thermal dissipation, anti-static properties and improved elasticity. Soltex Acetylene Black grades are UV stable and provide excellent pigmentation for a variety of applications including paints, silicone, plastics, and rubber.  

Application Benefits

Soltex Acetylene Black has a wide variety of uses, including batteries, EV wind, solar panels, fuel cells, electronics, conductive coatings, rubber compounds, plastics, ceramics, paints, adhesives, sealants and lubricants.