Soltex Acetylene Black and Polybutenes are useful in the rubber and tire industry in a variety of ways.

Acetylene Black is a modifier for thermal conductivity that extends the life and resiliency of the rubber. Common applications are: 

  • Anti-static compounds for belts and hoses
  • Spark plug cables
  • Window spacers and sealants
  • Conductive rubber rollers
  • Silicone rubber compounds
  • Tire curing bladders
  • Tire tread

Polybutene may be used as a processing aid as well as a plasticizer. The effects on the final product’s physical properties are improved flexibility, impact strength, clarity, and stress crack resistance.

  • Polybutene can be used as an extender and plasticizer for vulcanized elastomers
  • Natural rubber, butyl rubber, polyisoprene, polybutadiene, ethylene-alpha olefin rubber, and styrene- butadiene rubber (SBR) are examples of systems where polybutene can be incorporated
  • Roofing and pipe wraps using butyl rubber or EPDM-modified butyl rubber can be plasticized with polybutene
  • Asphalt materials that incorporate thermoplastic block copolymers in roofing materials as well as roofing adhesives can be plasticized with polybutene to increase cold flexibility and adhesion
  • Unlike mineral oil or process oils, polybutene cannot be easily extracted from vulcanized elastomers by solvents, heat, or UV exposure and the result is a longer life for the end-product


Acetylene Black
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