Incorporation of corrosion inhibitor products provides barrier protection, adhesion, and rust prevention to a wide variety of substrates.

Soltex AmorCal products:

  • High polarity properties not only offer pronounced corrosion protection, but also provides good wetting and adhesion to metal substrates
  • Excess Total Base Number provides good protection in acid environments
  • High molecular weight calcium sulfonate provides good water separation characteristics

Soltex ThixoCal product line:

  • Gelled overbased calcium sulfonates available in solvent, oil, and water systems
  • Provide excellent humidity and salt spray protection
  • Thixotropic nature provides rheological control and allows high coating build to provide excellent barrier protection
  • High viscosities yield rheological properties that prevent sagging of applied coating
  • High polarity provides good wetting and adhesion to metal substrates which also aids in the films ability to self-heal when damaged
  • ThixoCals are ready to use as supplied, but can be further formulated to deliver a more tenacious provide film, and may be pigmented
  • Calcite crystalline structure not only provide corrosion protection, but can also provide extreme pressure properties when incorporated into metalworking fluids like straight oils

Soltex NeutralCal and NeutralBar products:

  • Used to provide enhanced corrosion protection in a wide variety of metalworking and coating applications
  • High active contents and polarity provide good wetting and adhesion to metal surfaces
  • High molecular weight calcium sulfonate provides good water separation characteristics

Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Thixocal™ 2000
  • Thixocal™ 2000A
  • Thixocal™ 2452
  • Thixocal™ 3000A
  • Thixocal™ 4400
  • Thixocal™ 4500
  • Thixocal™ 5000A
  • Thixocal™ 5060
  • Thixocal™ 5300
  • Thixocal™ 5400
  • Thixocal™ 5752A
  • Thixocal™ 5752B
  • Thixocal™ 7600
  • Thixocal™ 8100
  • Thixocal™ 8200
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