Alkylate Fluids


Alkylate Fluids

Akylate 6 TDS | SDS
Akylate 14 TDS | SDS
Alkylate 32 TDS | SDS
Alkylate 46 TDS | SDS
Alkylate 68 TDS | SDS
Alkylate 100 TDS | SDS


Branched and linear alkylbenzenes. Branched alkylbenzene (BAB) and Linear alkylbenzene (LAB) are produced by reacting benzene with propylene oligomers and linear alphaolefins respectively to produce a wide range of molecular weights.

Application Benefits

Superior low temperature properties, excellent oxidative and thermal stability, compatible with elastomers, improved seal swell and improved solubility. Raw materials for surfactants, synthetic sulfonates and as a base oil for specialty lubricants and functional fluids. Used in agriculture, lubricants, electronic components and equipment markets.