Soltex is your source for high-quality base components, chemical intermediates, chemical additives and functional fluids that improve the performance of products used in industrial, automotive and consumer applications.

We provide the broad range of performance chemicals you need, the superior quality you expect and level of service you deserve. From initial sampling to formulating and logistics, you’ll find our responsiveness, agility and problem-solving skills make us uniquely qualified to be a true supply chain partner.


Technical Support

Soltex offers extensive technical resources to help solve your problems, develop cost-effective alternatives, and provide comprehensive supporting product data. Our technical manager, chemists, engineers, and other experienced professionals are available to consult with you and assist with your formulations. These efforts are supported by our in-house laboratory testing services.

Soltex technical and analytical services are part of our commitment to building long-term business relationships. We’re eager to share our knowledge to meet your product and application needs.

Quality Assurance

Soltex maintains rigorous quality standards. Quality assurance testing is performed in our full-capability, in-house laboratory by experienced technologists following the latest ASTM procedures. Continual evaluation, innovation, and improvement of our quality and production processes allow you to have the highest degree of confidence in our products.

Quality performance is the top priority in Soltex’s production and service activities. We carefully measure product characteristics, review service metrics, and examine customer feedback to verify our performance and facilitate continuous improvement.

Our quality system assures that your requirements are met and that we continually add value to your products.


Inventory and Warehousing

Soltex has the ability to optimize supply chain channels to meet your requirements. Our network of logistics suppliers provides the flexibility to respond quickly and deliver effective solutions for shipping, transloading, and warehousing. With facilities in the United States and Canada, we offer exceptional response times and lower shipping costs to your locations.

For faster, more efficient turnaround, we can maintain your product in inventory. We can also conduct systemic demand forecasting and analyze your order patterns to optimize inventory levels and product deliveries.

Whether you need fast, door-to-door delivery, inventory management services, or the ability to handle order quantities of any size – Soltex will meet your needs.

Custom Blending and Packaging

Soltex collaborates with you to meet your most demanding product requirements with a unique combination of experience, expertise and creativity. Our sales team and technical manager help you find innovative solutions – whether you need a custom-tailored product, private labeling, or a new packaging solution.

Soltex has blending and steaming capabilities to meet your specific product needs. We handle packaging of various sizes, including pails, bags, drums, totes, trucks or railcars of product.


Reflections on Three Decades with Soltex

As Soltex celebrates our 30-year anniversary, we asked one of our longest-tenured team members to share her thoughts. These comments are from Susan Kovacs, Vice President of Sales.   “Thirty years ago, I embarked on my Soltex journey. To put it mildly, the early years were challenging. I remember a customer I had known for […]

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Soltex Reactions 2020 Newsletter, 2nd Quarter Issue

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Meet Our Newest Sales Team Member

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Since 1990, we’ve delivered quality products and world-class service.

Our base components, chemical intermediates, and additives are used to modify or enhance specific processing or end-use properties in a wide range of downstream goods. We also provide finished formulated products, such as lubricants, refrigerator compressor oils and cable compounds for telecommunication and the power transmission industry.

But the value we provide doesn’t end there. We have extensive technical resources and an extraordinary commitment to service – all designed to help you solve problems, take advantage of opportunities, and improve your profitability.

Our ongoing research and development allows us to create new products and assist with your formulation needs. Our in-house laboratory and expertise provide reliable technical support. And our logistics and distribution resources enable us to provide efficiencies in warehousing and transporting products worldwide.

At Soltex, we’re committed to understanding your needs and delivering efficient, effective supply chain solutions. Whether you need a single drum or many rail cars of product, you’ll receive the same level of responsive service.


Soltex has an active research and development program to produce next-generation product formulations. Our efforts have yielded a number of patents and new technologies.

In addition to our own projects, we are eager to collaborate with you on new chemistries. Call today to see how we can put our technical resources to work for you.