Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion Inhibitors

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The Soltex corrosion inhibitor line of Thixocal™ products include very light colored “Gelled” or Crystalline Calcium Sulfonates in solvent, oil and water carriers. These corrosion inhibitor products can be used as-is or further formulated for incorporation into numerous types of rust preventative coatings, greases, and lubricants. Our corrosion inhibitors’ high polarity allows for excellent wetting of surfaces with minimal preparation and creates a crystalline structure that forms moisture-proof barriers. Most of our corrosion inhibitor formulations leave a soft ‘self-healing’ film.  

Soltex’s corrosion inhibitor products are used in automotive undercoating and inner-panel coatings, as well as exterior structural coatings including bridge decks, off-road equipment, steel sheets, pipes, and threads.

Application Benefits

Incorporation of corrosion inhibitor products Soltex Thixocal provides barrier protection, adhesion, and rust prevention to a wide variety of substrates.