Corrosion Inhibitors

blank Corrosion Inhibitors


The Soltex line of ThixoCal™ products include very light colored “Gelled” or Crystalline Calcium Sulfonates in solvent, oil and water carriers. These products can be used as purchased or further formulated for incorporation into numerous types of rust preventative coatings, greases and lubricants.


High polarity allows for excellent wetting of surface with minimal preparation, crystalline structure forms moisture proof barrier. Most formulations leave soft ‘self-healing’ film.

End Uses

Automotive undercoating and inner-panel coating. Exterior structural coating including bridge decks, off road equipment, steel sheets, pipes and threads.



Corrosion Inhibitors

Thixocal™ 2000A TDS | SDS
Thixocal™ 3000A TDS | SDS
Thixocal™ 4400 TDS | SDS
Thixocal™ 5000A TDS | SDS
Thixocal™ 5300 TDS | SDS
Thixocal™ 5752A TDS | SDS
Thixocal™ 7600 TDS | SDS
Thixocal™ 8100 TDS | SDS