Soltex Reactions Q1 – 2023

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Soltex Manufacturing Improvements Actualized with Addition of Drumline

Recent improvements to Soltex’s manufacturing process have positively impacted the company’s overall operations. By adding drumline functionality, Soltex has realized numerous benefits in very little time. We recently touched base with Soltex’s Vice President of Operations, Bryan De La Rosa, to discuss the specifics behind the addition of the drumline.


So how did this drumline come about? De La Rosa explains that with increasing packaging demands and expanded product offerings, they decided their old system of manufacturing was no longer sufficient to allow the company to reach safety and production goals. This ultimately led them to implement drumline functionality. He further explains that they had great experience with automation in past projects and thus “felt comfortable moving forward with this plan to bring a fresh idea into the system.”


The drumline now works in a way that streamlines prior processes, using a combination of motorized and gravity conveyors and two robotics arms (one for drum palletizing and the other for filling). The system also utilizes an automated pallet dispenser. All work together in automated unison to fill stainless totes, poly Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and steel drums full of in-demand Soltex products.


Contributing vastly to the improvement of Soltex, De La Rosa says “the new system allows us to double our packaging throughput which aids in growth in the coming years.” A typical drum can be filled in about a minute, and a full truck load of drums (96 drums) can be filled within a few hours depending on the material, he explains. Another key piece of the improvement puzzle made possible with the drumline is  addressing safety concerns. The reduction of human interaction with the system, most simply, increases overall safety.


The addition of drumline functionality is also improving traceability and accuracy; allowing the company to better serve key markets and perpetuate continuous improvement. If you’re interested in learning more about our operations, we welcome all customers, prospects, industry folks and associated services that support the operation to take a site tour. We’re confident that our first-hand experience will give you a better sense of what we do here at Soltex.


Meet the Team: Anh Dinh


Soltex employees are a large part of the continued success we find as a company. From our sales, to business operations teams, and even quality control; the individuals who perform these functions are essential. Anh Dinh currently works as a Quality Analysis/Quality Control Chemist and recently shared with us a bit more about his time with Soltex and his life beyond the lab.


Now in his eighth year with Soltex, Dinh performs a variety of tasks that are necessary for Soltex to continue producing and distributing high-quality chemicals worldwide. He is responsible for communicating and analyzing the quality control of substances and ultimately reviews and approves the quality of end products. He also takes part in the continuous innovation within Soltex by evaluating and sampling methodologies of technologies to determine their usefulness. In this role, attention to detail is critical as is the ability to lead a team and Din excels at both.


Dinh established a career in the chemical industry immediately following college. He describes the R&D (research and development) green technologies project as the most interesting thing he’s worked on in recent times. This project directly involved finding new ways for clean energy innovation at Soltex. And while this is by no means a solution to climate change, it’s a step in the right direction and wouldn’t be possible without individuals like Din.


The sheer volume of work within a busy chemical solutions company, Dinh details, can be a challenge to keep up with. Yet, he has succeeded in not only keeping up over the years, but in going above and beyond to serve Soltex customers. Success, he says is “when I don’t have any customer complaints about the quality of our products.” Such a focus on serving the customer is something we continue to see as a commonality among Soltex employees, which is key in setting us apart from other suppliers. Dinh attributes much of his success in the workplace to his leadership and problem-solving skills.


Outside of work Dinh enjoys fishing and going on vacation with his family to tropical destinations like Hawaii. He also enjoys indulging in Japanese cuisine and as a Houston resident he is a loyal fan of the Texans football team.


New Technologies and Connections at TechAdvantage Expo: Soltex Recap

Soltex attends many industry tradeshows throughout the year, and each one has a specific focus and purpose. One such event the company attended recently was the 2023 TechAdvantage Expo in Nashville, Tennessee. This tradeshow is focused on technology and innovation in the utility industry, making it an ideal event for Soltex to network and gather intelligence on new trends and technologies.

The main goal for Soltex in attending TechAdvantage was to connect with cooperative utilities, pole treaters, transformer service companies, and other industry professionals. The team hoped to build new relationships, generate leads, and stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry.

Mike Bonn from the Soltex team was able to engage with a variety of attendees and gather valuable information. While Soltex did not have a booth at the event, Bonn was able to connect with individuals from other companies and attend informative sessions. “TechAdvantage provided us opportunities to learn about new technologies and products, particularly EV charger cooling, and to make new connections with other attendees.”

At the show, one of the product lines that garnered the most interest was the HyVolt line of transformer liquids, which Soltex distributes for Ergon.  The product line includes the HyVolt II and C50A naphthenic-based mineral oils along with the new HyVolt NE and SE which are ester-based biodegradable liquids.  The demand for transformers across North America is very high and so there were many inquiries from manufacturers and utilities.  Additionally, Soltex manufactures copper naphthenate which is one of a few options for utility pole preservation and was the topic of discussion for many pole treaters and inspection companies. With the emergence of Electric Vehicles and the required charging systems, there was much discussion of new opportunities for Soltex’s dielectric cooling liquids.

Soltex attended the TechAdvantage tradeshow in Nashville to learn more about the state of the industry, connect with colleagues, and how they can better serve their customers. Specifically, the team gained important knowledge about the shift to new wood preservation treatment options in the utility pole market as well as the challenges that transformer manufacturers face in keeping up with high demand. This insight helped Soltex reach their goals for attending TechAdvantage.