Soltex: Leading the Way at EDIST 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that Soltex will exhibit at EDIST 2024, making this conference even more inspiring and informative! Soltex, a renowned name in the dielectric fluids industry, is a trusted partner for delivering innovative solutions to utilities, OEMs, and Service companies. Our presence at EDIST 2024 underscores our commitment to shaping the industry’s future.


Soltex’s participation promises a wealth of opportunities for attendees:

1. Cutting-Edge Solutions: Explore the Soltex booth to discover the latest liquid innovations that provide our clients with the right solution to help them thrive in the constantly changing energy landscape. For generation, transmission, and distribution level equipment, Soltex has a track record of providing the best liquid for the job and backing it up with service that is second to none.

2. Expert Insights: Engage with the Soltex team of experts, who are well-versed in the challenges and opportunities facing the organizations who share the responsibility of building and maintaining a reliable grid. Their insights and expertise can provide valuable perspectives on navigating the energy transition.

3. Networking: Connect with Soltex representatives and fellow attendees at their booth. Networking with industry leaders and innovators like Soltex can lead to collaborations and partnerships that drive progress in the electric utility sector.


Soltex’s presence at EDIST 2024 reinforces the conference’s mission to explore the latest advancements that will enable electric utilities to lead the energy transition. Make sure to visit the Soltex booth, and don’t miss the chance to learn from and collaborate with one of the industry’s leading forces. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

ORG CHEM GROUP AND SOLTEX: A Partnership Encompassing Sustainable Reclamation of Chemistries

Dedicated to sustainability and innovation into emerging markets, Soltex and ORG CHEM Group have agreed to form a partnership encompassing reclamation of products in markets to include immersion cooling, dielectric fluids, e-fluids, and battery storage.  Soltex, given their breadth of chemistries and applications in these specialty fluid markets, looks forward to a long-lasting partnership with a sustainable toll processor such as ORG CHEM Group. ORG CHEM Group has long been the standard bearer for chemical reclamations in the industry, and they look forward to assisting a major producer such as Soltex improve sustainability now and into the future.

“The synergies between our two companies are apparent, with Soltex taking into consideration the sustainability of their existing and new products.  As a toll processor specializing in chemical reclamation and molecule management, ORG CHEM Group looks forward to providing additional value to Soltex and their existing and growing customer base” per Matt Loebbaka, Business Development Manager for ORG CHEM Group. 

The Professional: A Dedicated Customer Service Representative at Soltex

In the bustling world of Soltex, where chemical solutions are engineered to perfection, there is a
steadfast individual who brings continuous positivity to the customer service department. Meet
Kathy Dezelle, is a diligent and committed customer service representative who has been serving
Soltex for the past 2 years. With her attention to detail, unwavering dedication, and ability to
manage urgency, Kathy has become an invaluable asset to the company.

As a customer service representative, Kathy takes on a multitude of tasks on a daily basis. From
order entry and logistics for delivery to supply chain knowledge and warehousing, she navigates
the intricate web of responsibilities effortlessly. Moreover, she handles invoicing, email
correspondence, and phone calls, ensuring that each customer receives the attention they
deserve. Kathy’s role is pivotal in keeping the wheels of Soltex turning smoothly.

When asked about the biggest challenge she faces in her role, Kathy confidently states that no
challenge is too great as long as the customer is satisfied. She believes that finding a way to
make each customer happy is the ultimate goal and remains undeterred in the face of
obstacles. Her positive mindset and solution-oriented approach shine through in her
interactions, making her a valuable resource for both colleagues and clients.

What sets Soltex apart from others in the industry, according to Kathy, is the company’s versatile
products and its commitment to helping businesses of all sizes. The ability to cater to diverse
needs sets Soltex apart and has allowed the company to build strong relationships with their

Kathy’s success in her role can be attributed to her exceptional attention to detail,
process-oriented mindset, and effective communication skills. Her experience in data entry and
customer service has honed her abilities, while her ability to manage urgency ensures that tasks
are completed efficiently. Even on challenging days, Kathy maintains a professional demeanor
and fosters a positive environment, inspiring her colleagues to do the same.
Success, for Kathy, is not just measured by personal achievements but by the opportunities that
come her way. Her dedication and exemplary work have earned her the privilege of being a
customer service lead, a testament to the recognition she has received from her peers and

Beyond her professional life, Kathy enjoys a fulfilling personal life. She finds solace in various
hobbies, including working out, exploring new restaurants, and traveling with her husband.
Sundays are reserved for attending church, and she cherishes spending quality time with her
three sons. Additionally, Kathy and her family own a horse ranch in Hempstead, TX, where they
enjoy the serenity of the countryside. As an individual, Kathy’s journey began when she moved
to the USA from Ecuador at the age of eight. With a thirst for knowledge, she pursued higher
education for two years. On the personal front, she has been happily married to her high school
sweetheart for nearly 28 years.

Kathy’s journey at Soltex is one of resilience, dedication, and a passion for customer
satisfaction. As she continues to navigate her role as a customer services representative, it is
clear that her contributions play a vital role in the success of Soltex. With her positive attitude
and unwavering professionalism, Kathy is a shining example of what it means to be a valuable
team member.

Fire Resistant Transformer Oils – A Primer

Fire Resistant Transformer Oils

Fire Resistant transformer oils add a significant margin of safety to any liquid filled electrical equipment. These insulating oils are used instead of conventional mineral oil in transformers and switchgear that are located in hazardous or sensitive areas.

When is Fire Resistance Needed?

Fire resistant insulating oils are used any time the safety of electrical equipment needs to be increased. Fire Resistant fluids can be used in all equipment that would normally use conventional transformer oil. These fluids have been widely used in transformers, switchgear, and voltage regulators located:

  • Inside buildings
  • in government buildings or installations
  • in areas of high pedestrian traffic (i.e., in crowded areas of cities)
  • inside or near petrochemical or industrial sites
  • in areas of frequent natural disasters (earthquakes)
  • in urban electrical substations
  • in mines or tunnels

Fire regulations often require extra fire protection in these locations. Using fire-resistant insulating fluids in transformers and switchgear is an excellent means of preventing fires and explosions in electrical equipment.

Fire Resistant Insulating Oils and Fire Safety:

Fire Resistant Hydrocarbon oils combine fire safety with low environmental and health risk. Since their introduction, fire-resistant hydrocarbons have been used to lower the risk of fire and explosion in hundreds of thousands of transformers and switchgear installations.

The principal advantage of the fire resistant oils is their resistance to ignition. These fluids require a tremendous amount of energy input to raise the temperature to one that will sustain a flame. This is easily shown with the fire point test.

Compare the relative flammability of fire resistant oils with conventional transformer oil:

Fluid Fire Point (ASTM D92), °C.
Conventional Mineral Oil 145
Fire Resistant Insulating Oil >300

You can see the added safety margin that is provided by the fire resistant oil. This is proven in the fact that fire resistant hydrocarbon oils have a flawless safety record.

Choosing Fire Resistant Insulating Materials:

There are several considerations that should be used in choosing a fire resistant dielectric fluid. Among the most important are:

  • The fluid must have excellent electrical characteristics
  • The fluid must be a good cooling medium
  • The fluid must be easy to handle and friendly to the environment
  • Fire resistant fluids should be compatible with materials that are used with
    conventional transformer oil.
Fire Resistant Petroleum fluids

Fire resistant petroleum oils are very popular for use in new equipment. They are the least expensive fire resistant oils available. Beta Fluid is a good example of this type of oil. Beta Fluid is highly refined petroleum oil with special additives. It has the same electrical characteristics as conventional transformer oil, with additional fire safety. It has good environmental qualities. Beta Fluid is compatible with conventional transformer oil and with all equipment construction materials. Beta Fluid can be used in switches, circuit breakers, and other equipment. Maintenance practices are the same as for conventional transformer oil.

Synthetic hydrocarbon fluid

Synthetic paraffin hydrocarbon fluids are widely used in new and in used equipment transformers. This process is called retrofilling. The most popular synthetic paraffinic hydrocarbon in use today is called Alpha-1 fluid. Alpha-1 Fluid is a hydrocarbon, just as petroleum oils are, but instead of being refined from crude oil, it is manufactured in a
chemical process.
Alpha-1 Fluid also has excellent electrical characteristics. Because it is synthetic, it has better cooling performance, and better flow at low temperatures. These characteristics make Alpha-1 Fluid perfect for changing the existing oil in PCB or mineral oil transformers.
The maintenance and disposal procedures for Alpha-1 Fluid are similar to those of conventional transformer oil. Alpha-1 is compatible with standard materials used to make transformers.

Use in New Equipment:

In new transformers and switchgear, fire resistant fluids can be used instead of conventional transformer oil. They are a direct replacement for conventional transformer oil. The electrical characteristics of fire resistant fluids are excellent. Because of their higher viscosity, transformers may operate at slightly higher temperatures. Extra cooling
(radiators) or larger internal cooling ducts can be used to minimize this effect.

Changing Oil in Existing Equipment:

Transformer operators sometimes want to upgrade the fire safety of existing electrical equipment. Changing the oil with a fire resistant fluid is often an easy and inexpensive way to increase the fire safety margin of the existing unit.
This is a simple procedure. In many cases, this process (called retrofilling) is simply a matter of draining the original oil and filling the unit with the new fluid.
Alpah-1 Fluid is specially made for this application because of their excellent cooling characteristics, which minimize the operating temperature of the retrofilled transformer.


Fire Resistant fluids are used throughout the world in installations to minimize the risk of fire and explosion. These fluids will not ignite until they are at extremely high temperatures. They are an effective means of adding extra fire safety to electrical equipment installations and can be used in transformers and switchgear that were
designed for conventional transformer oil. Fire Resistant Hydrocarbon Oils can be use in both new equipment, or to retrofill equipment that was originally filled with conventional transformer oil.

Fire Resistant Petroleum Fluid
(Beta Fluid)Fluid
Synthetic Fire Resistant
Hydrocarbon (Alpha-1 Fluid)
Fire Point, °C 308 306
Pour Point, °C -21 -68
Dielectric Strength IEC
Electrodes, 2mm, kV
56 56
Dissipation Factor @ 20 °C., % 0.10 0.06
Viscosity @ 100 °C., cSt. 12.0 8.5
Compatible with transformer oil yes yes

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Soltex Reactions Q3 – 2023

Be in the know of our current company movements and services.



Soltex Makes a Game-Changing Acquisition of DSI Ventures: Unveiling New Avenues in AI and Immersion Cooling

In a recent move, Soltex has officially announced its acquisition of DSI Ventures, setting the
stage for a dynamic synergy that promises to redefine the landscape of AI and Immersion Cooling.
With a strategic eye on emerging markets and a wealth of combined expertise, this acquisition is
poised to open doors to a multitude of exciting possibilities. Let’s delve into the highlights of
this union and the remarkable efficiencies it brings to the table.

A Strong Foundation for Emergent AI and Immersion Cooling Markets
The merger of Soltex and DSI Ventures marks a significant milestone in the fast-evolving world of
technology. As AI continues its meteoric rise and immersion cooling gains traction as a highly
efficient cooling solution, this collaboration sets a foundation for pioneering advancements in
both fields. DSI Ventures, well-established in the industry and armed with a deep understanding of
the electric vehicle (EV), battery storage, and immersion cooling markets, perfectly complements Soltex’s innovative drive.

Expansion of Offerings
One of the most exciting aspects of this acquisition is the array of new product and service
offerings it will deliver to customers. The combined entity is primed to enhance its portfolio,
particularly in the realm of dielectric fluids. While DSI Ventures primarily supplies mineral-based
transformer fluid, Soltex introduces synthetic-based fluid for electronics, such as radio stations
and TV transformers, broadening the scope of applications. The roadmap even extends toward battery
cooling, which is increasingly crucial in the ever-expanding world of electric mobility.

Streamlining Turn Times, Boosting Availability, and Elevating Support Services
The integration of Soltex and DSI Ventures yields a range of benefits that directly impact
customers. The promise of better turn times and increased product availability emerges as a result
of the collaboration, ensuring that critical resources are readily accessible. Furthermore, the
acquisition facilitates additional support services, signifying an elevated commitment to customer
satisfaction. Although services remain unaffected, the continued Soltex expansion plans for a
separate operational building in Baytown emphasizing their dedication to refining logistical
aspects for optimal efficiency.

Charting a Bold Course Forward
This collaborative journey began on the official acquisition date, September 15th of this year. By
combining Soltex’s and DSI Venture’s strengths, expertise, and market insights, the two companies
are poised to drive innovation, redefine industry standards, and create unmatched value for their
customers. In the ever-evolving tech landscape, the acquisition of DSI Ventures
stands as a major advancement, promising a transformative future.

Soltex’s Commitment to Maintaining a Strong Presence in Canada 

Soltex is committed to providing high-quality services and products to customers across North America. Recently, the company made a significant investment in Canada by acquiring a new substation transformer and tanks. This investment is part of Soltex’s ongoing efforts to maintain a strong presence in Canada and to ensure that its customers in the region have access to the best equipment and services available. 

Replacing an Aging Transformer 

The decision to replace the transformer was made due to its age. Typically, the lifespan of a transformer is around 25 years. However, Soltex’s unit was 36 years old and showing signs of wear and tear. The oil in the unit had started to degrade, meaning that the insulation was breaking down. This deterioration posed a significant risk to the plant’s operations and Soltex’s business continuity. If the transformer failed, it would have resulted in an extended closure of the plant and office, impacting Soltex’s customers and employees. 

To mitigate this risk, Soltex decided to replace the aging transformer with a new unit. The lead time for a new transformer is 9-12 months, highlighting the importance of proactive planning to ensure minimal disruption to operations. 

Collaborating with Industry Experts 

Soltex partnered with KPC Power Electrical Ltd to replace the substation transformer. Soltex team members John Miron and Rob McLean worked closely with KPC Power Electrical Ltd to ensure a smooth and efficient installation. The replacement took place on January 20-22, 2023. 

Soltex’s attentiveness and proactive planning approach to risk management and collaboration with industry experts have helped to ensure a successful installation and minimal disruption to operations. The company’s investment in a new substation transformer in Canada demonstrates its dedication to maintaining a strong presence in the region, ensuring the continued success of its operations, and providing high-quality services and products to its customers.  

Revolutionizing Power Solutions: Soltex, Dana and Ergon Further Solidify Partnership

In June 2023, Soltex unveiled a groundbreaking truck design that showcases the collaborative efforts of Soltex, Dana, and Ergon. The launch event was attended by esteemed individuals from the companies, including John Grimes, Glenn Bohny, Joseph Massoud, Bryan De La Rosa from Soltex, Chuck Martinez, Peter Beauchemin from Dana, and Andy Holden from Ergon. This marks a significant milestone in the partnerships.

Andy Holden, a representative from Ergon, expressed his gratitude and admiration for the exceptional growth and trust that Soltex has demonstrated over the years. He stated, “Soltex has grown to become a valuable and trusted partner in the last few years. We all know that endeavors like this require a lot of help from many people, and this is another great example of what we’ve been accomplishing together. We thank you all for that commitment to Ergon and our customers.” These words acknowledge the collaborative spirit and dedication that has propelled this partnership to new heights.

The advancing technology of Insulating Oils should not be overlooked. Whether you find yourself in a cold climate or occasionally visit one, rest assured that Ergon HyVolt C50A – Canada CSA C50A Type II/IV is tirelessly working behind the scenes to ultimately provide assistance in warmth and safety in every indoor environment you encounter. Chemical solutions like these brought to life through the collaborative efforts of Soltex and Ergon, uphold the critical function of power supply regardless of the weather conditions, making our world more connected and secure.

With each milestone achieved and every innovative endeavor undertaken, the partnerships with Soltex continue to revolutionize the power industry. As we continue on this transformative journey, we eagerly anticipate the forthcoming opportunities that lie ahead, driven by the collective vision and tireless efforts of these industry leaders. The truck design launch serves as a testament to the immense potential that can be unlocked when brilliant minds and progressive companies unite in a shared pursuit of excellence. Together, Soltex, Dana, and Ergon are redefining the possibilities of power supply, creating a future where reliable energy is not just a necessity but an enabler of extraordinary achievements.

Soltex: A Legacy of Growth Through Exceptional Customer Support and Value-Added Formulations


Soltex has experienced steady growth since its inception, with multiple expansions, services, and product offerings. The company acquired Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Shawinigan Black business in 2004, which became known as Soltex’s Acetylene Black (AB). Two years later, Soltex purchased a major competitor in North America, H&R (heritage Dussell Campbell), and in 2012, the company expanded its product line to include synthetic base oils, refrigeration fluids, base components, and chemical and performance additives for industrial and consumer applications. 


In 2015, Soltex Canada was established through the purchase of OMG Belleville, which shortened transit times and reduced logistic costs. Following that acquisition, Soltex acquired Petroleum Chemicals and Tabler, expanding further into the Lubricant Additives and Paint and Coatings industry. Soltex continues to maintain a strong presence in Canada and in January 2023 invested in a new substation transformer and July 2023 a new tank ensuring the continued success of its operations and providing high-quality services and products to its customers.


US and Canada-Based Operations & Manufacturing 


Soltex manufacturing is based in the US and Canada. Most performance chemical additives (PCA) are produced in the US. Products made in Canada are dielectric fluids, refrigeration fluids, cable flood, fill and gels, metal carboxylates, and performance additives. 


In the last year,  the company permanently moved the location of its company headquarters from Houston, Texas, to The Woodlands, Texas. As Soltex continues to grow, the move to the new facility provides the space and room needed to serve customers better. It also gives Soltex the opportunity to expand all teams and continue increasing product lines.


Customer Service Strength


Soltex places a high priority on customer service and employs a knowledgeable and responsive staff. The company operates warehouses and packaging operations in Houston, Texas, as well as toll manufacturers in Canada and the US. With an in-house laboratory and expertise, Soltex can provide reliable technical support and innovative problem-solving for customers with unique needs. The company’s logistics and distribution resources enable its team to provide efficiencies in warehousing and transporting products worldwide.


Soltex remains committed to providing high-quality products, exceptional customer support, innovative problem-solving, and continuous updates to the company’s infrastructure. The company vision is set on additional growth through ongoing product portfolio expansion and new business partnerships.

Soltex Employees Raise Awareness and Funds for Suicide Prevention

At its core, Soltex has always placed the utmost importance on customer service, product quality, building relationships, and fostering a company culture that highly values its employees and encourages support for its communities. In September of 2022, members of the Soltex team participated in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) annual fundraiser “Out of the Darkness Walk” in Morris County, New Jersey. 


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Data & Statistics Report for 2020, suicide is the 12th leading cause of death in the United States. In 2020, 45,979 Americans died by suicide with an estimated 1.2 million more suicide attempts. Established in 1987, the AFSP is a voluntary organization that gives those affected by suicide a nationwide community empowered by research, education, and advocacy to take action against this leading cause of death. 


The AFSP has local chapters in all 50 states and organizes walks across those chapters to raise awareness to help change the conversation about mental health and put a stop to this tragic loss of life.


Since 2012, Soltex has dedicated support to the AFSP’s mission to save lives. About the company’s longstanding involvement with AFSP, Soltex Vice President of Sales, Susan Kovacs says, “We understand that suicidal thoughts, much like mental health conditions, can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, or background. It is our hope that our small contributions can help raise awareness of this stigmatized, and often taboo, topic.” He also adds, “We wish to help in shifting public perception, spread hope, and share vital information to people affected by suicide. The truth is, we can all benefit from honest conversations about mental health conditions and suicide because just one conversation can change a life.”


The AFSP creates a culture that’s smart about mental health by engaging in core strategies like funding scientific research, educating the public about mental health and suicide, advocating for public policies in mental health and suicide prevention, and supporting survivors of suicide loss and those affected by suicide.


Over the last year, the Morris County Walk raised over $76,000 and the entire New Jersey chapter of AFSP has raised more than $1.1 million to date for this important cause. Soltex looks forward to participating once again for the 2023 walk in Morris County this November 2023.