Rob McClean

Friday, June 24th, 2022


While Soltex is headquartered in Houston, what we do often begins in Ontario, Canada at the Belleville plant. Here, production of the many chemicals that we supply, such as polybutene, alkalyte fluids and numerous others, takes place for our customers around the globe. Yet, none of this would be possible without our Canadian team of hardworking and knowledgeable individuals and the fearless site manager, Rob McLean.

Rob’s tenure dates back to 1989 where he held multiple positions leading him to become Site Manager in the 1990s. Rob’s attention to detail, personality, habits, and knowledge makes him invaluable to Soltex operations. Having been with Soltex for over seven years, McLean understands the importance of efficiency and continuous improvement to overall company success. He oversees the operation, production, and quality control for the Belleville Plant, essential functions of the company. With an educational background in chemistry and prior employment with a chemical manufacturer, joining the Soltex team was a great transition for him.



McLean explains that “customer service and product excellence” is what sets Soltex apart from other chemical companies. Reflecting upon the numerous projects he’s worked on over the past seven years, he details that HyVolt distribution was perhaps the most interesting. This electrical insulating oil is for power and distribution transformers, switchgears, and circuit breakers.

McLean credits a large part of his success in the role of the site manager to his strong relationships with the staff. He mentors and trains his employees, so they have the skills needed to succeed in their individual roles within the team. Another important aspect of his position is being an intent listener and problem solver, providing positive feedback and treating each employee with respect. A big measure of his own success also comes from being able to sustain engaged employees who have a safe and fulfilling work environment with opportunities for growth.

Beyond the plant, McLean enjoys spending time with his family and can often be found exploring the outdoors, often fishing or camping in the beauty of Ontario. When asked to pick a favorite food, he said he couldn’t decide and settled on a tie between cheesecake and steak… it’s called balance! He is a big sports fan and loves to cheer on the Toronto Raptors and Buffalo Bills.

The 30th anniversary of Solex Canada occurred just this past year and we truly enjoy Rob’s presence in the company. It is because of individuals like him that our company continues to find success in the chemical distribution industry.