Inhibit Fluid™

Inhibit Fluid™

DSI Inhibit is a pre-mixed, liquid concentrate blend of advanced oxidation inhibitors and highly processed dielectric fluid. It is applied to transformers where the oxidation inhibitor content needs to be fortified.

Because Inhibit is a liquid, it is simply added to a de-energized transformer. No further mixing or blending is required. DSI Inhibit is dried, degassed, and highly processed. It is compatible with all brands of standard mineral oil, as well as Beta fluid, R-Temp fluid, Alpha-1 Fluid, and various vegetable oil dielectrics.

Five gallons of DSI Inhibit, when added to 200 gallons of transformer oil will raise the concentration of oxidation inhibitor from 0.0% to 0.30%.

DSI Inhibit has excellent electrical and physical characteristics. It is compatible with standard transformer oil and the transformer materials used with standard mineral oil.


DSI Inhibit is added to transformer oil to raise the oxidation inhibitor content. DSI Inhibit adds powerful antioxidants to the oil to significantly slow oxidation and deterioration of oil and paper as the transformer ages.

Processing and Handling:

DSI Inhibit is available in 5 and 55 gallon containers.

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