Beta Fluid™

Beta Fluid™

Beta Fluid® is fire resistant insulating oil for use in transformers and switchgear. Made from highly refined petroleum oils, Beta Fluid is the industry standard for fire resistant oils.

  • Beta Fluid is Classified by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL)* and Listed by Factory Mutual for use in transformers located indoors per U.S. National Electrical Code Section 450-23.
  • Beta Fluid has excellent electrical and physical characteristics. It is compatible with standard transformer oil and the transformer materials used with standard mineral oil.


Beta Fluid can be used in any equipment that uses liquid dielectric cooling oil. Since its introduction in 1994, there are tens of thousands of transformers worldwide that are filled with Beta Fluid. Beta fluid has proven itself in the field and in the laboratory. It’s a safe, proven, and trusted answer to your transformer flammability needs.

Cooling Performance

Beta Fluid has excellent heat transfer characteristics. It’s often used to retrofill transformers that were originally designed for other fluids, such as standard transformer oil.

Processing and Handling

Beta Fluid can be processed, handled and tested in exactly the same way as standard oil, and with the same equipment. Beta Fluid is not toxic or hazardous to workers. Beta Fluid contains no corrosive sulfur. And, unlike soybean vegetable oil – based fluids, Beta Fluid resists oxidation and polymerization.

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