Soltex Makes Connections at ILMA Engage

Thursday, April 27th, 2023

Soltex attends many industry meetings throughout the year, and each one has a specific focus and purpose. One such event the company attended recently was the 2023 ILMA Engage in Tucson, Arizona. This spring meeting is focused on learning about trends in the lubricants industry, reconnecting with old colleagues, and meeting new associates.

The main goal for Soltex in attending ILMA Engage is connecting with producers and customers for current trends in the lubricants industry as well as understanding current demands, projects, and opportunities. Soltex schedules meetings with commercial and technical procurement attendees throughout the three days. 

John Grimes from the Soltex team was able to engage with a variety of attendees and gather valuable information. While Soltex did sponsor a tabletop located in the Base Camp, Grimes was able to connect with individuals from other companies at networking sessions. “This year’s ILMA Engage was record attendance with over 600 attendees.” The only challenge to arise is making our reservations on time for the host hotel. As the numbers climb, the spaces fill sooner.

At the meeting, one of the product lines that garnered the most interest was the PCA, and Polybutene lines. Understanding the customer’s forecast and new project allows our teams to promote our complete product line application benefits. Identifying the global scale market gives us insight into the market view and communicates to our internal services the needs in the future.

Soltex will attend the ILMA Annual Meeting in Palm Desert, California to learn more about upcoming market conditions and business intel.