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Soltex Makes a Game-Changing Acquisition of DSI Ventures: Unveiling New Avenues in AI and Immersion Cooling

Monday, October 16th, 2023

In a recent move, Soltex has officially announced its acquisition of DSI Ventures, setting the
stage for a dynamic synergy that promises to redefine the landscape of AI and Immersion Cooling.
With a strategic eye on emerging markets and a wealth of combined expertise, this acquisition is
poised to open doors to a multitude of exciting possibilities. Let’s delve into the highlights of
this union and the remarkable efficiencies it brings to the table.

A Strong Foundation for Emergent AI and Immersion Cooling Markets
The merger of Soltex and DSI Ventures marks a significant milestone in the fast-evolving world of
technology. As AI continues its meteoric rise and immersion cooling gains traction as a highly
efficient cooling solution, this collaboration sets a foundation for pioneering advancements in
both fields. DSI Ventures, well-established in the industry and armed with a deep understanding of
the electric vehicle (EV), battery storage, and immersion cooling markets, perfectly complements Soltex’s innovative drive.

Expansion of Offerings
One of the most exciting aspects of this acquisition is the array of new product and service
offerings it will deliver to customers. The combined entity is primed to enhance its portfolio,
particularly in the realm of dielectric fluids. While DSI Ventures primarily supplies mineral-based
transformer fluid, Soltex introduces synthetic-based fluid for electronics, such as radio stations
and TV transformers, broadening the scope of applications. The roadmap even extends toward battery
cooling, which is increasingly crucial in the ever-expanding world of electric mobility.

Streamlining Turn Times, Boosting Availability, and Elevating Support Services
The integration of Soltex and DSI Ventures yields a range of benefits that directly impact
customers. The promise of better turn times and increased product availability emerges as a result
of the collaboration, ensuring that critical resources are readily accessible. Furthermore, the
acquisition facilitates additional support services, signifying an elevated commitment to customer
satisfaction. Although services remain unaffected, the continued Soltex expansion plans for a
separate operational building in Baytown emphasizing their dedication to refining logistical
aspects for optimal efficiency.

Charting a Bold Course Forward
This collaborative journey began on the official acquisition date, September 15th of this year. By
combining Soltex’s and DSI Venture’s strengths, expertise, and market insights, the two companies
are poised to drive innovation, redefine industry standards, and create unmatched value for their
customers. In the ever-evolving tech landscape, the acquisition of DSI Ventures
stands as a major advancement, promising a transformative future.

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