Truck Scale at the Soltex facility in Baytown

Soltex Growth Project: Ushering in a New Era of Expansion and Efficiency

Wednesday, July 5th, 2023

In recent years, Soltex has been driving strategic growth projects at its manufacturing facilities in Baytown,
Texas, and Belleville, Ontario, Canada. These initiatives are aimed at enhancing operational
efficiency, expanding capacities, and ensuring a seamless experience for our valued customers and Soltex team members alike. Exciting developments are happening at both facilities, showcasing the
remarkable progress achieved through the Soltex Growth Project.

Baytown Facility:
This location has witnessed significant advancements that will revolutionize its packaging and
transportation capabilities. One notable achievement is the installation of an automated
packaging system featuring cutting-edge robotics, motorized conveyors, and advanced imaging
technology for precise package filling. This state-of-the-art system has not only improved
packaging efficiency by a staggering 100%, but has also enhanced safety measures, ensuring
top-flight standards.

Furthermore, the expansion of product transfer pipelines at the Baytown facility is a remarkable
feat. The addition of an extra Spur has effectively doubled the railcar access for transloading
and blending, expanding capacity and operational flexibility. Moreover, a brand-new truck scale
has been introduced within the facility, eliminating the need for truck drivers to scale at a
separate location. This strategic convenience streamlines operations and fosters stronger
relationships with Soltex’s truckers and customers.

To further augment inventory management and throughput, Soltex is adding an additional
45,000 square feet of concrete to expand its container space. This expansion ensures a
smoother flow of inventory within the facility, optimizing operations and meeting the growing
demands of the market. Simultaneously, the site is also increasing steam capacity to
accommodate an additional 24 containers, enhancing productivity and versatility.

In terms of employee well-being, Soltex has taken proactive measures to improve the working
environment. Large ceiling fans have been installed, improving air circulation and combating
heat exhaustion, creating a more comfortable and pleasant workspace for warehouse

Belleville Facility:
The Soltex Canadian facility in Belleville has experienced significant growth in handling
transformer oil products. To support this expansion, the facility has completed a crucial
development project. This project includes the addition of three 28,000-gallon stainless steel
tanks, along with accompanying piping and instrumentation. These new assets enhance
operational throughput and flexibility across all transformer oil products, benefitting both Soltex
and its valuable partnership with Ergon Refining.