ORG CHEM GROUP AND SOLTEX: A Partnership Encompassing Sustainable Reclamation of Chemistries

Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

Dedicated to sustainability and innovation into emerging markets, Soltex and ORG CHEM Group have agreed to form a partnership encompassing reclamation of products in markets to include immersion cooling, dielectric fluids, e-fluids, and battery storage.  Soltex, given their breadth of chemistries and applications in these specialty fluid markets, looks forward to a long-lasting partnership with a sustainable toll processor such as ORG CHEM Group. ORG CHEM Group has long been the standard bearer for chemical reclamations in the industry, and they look forward to assisting a major producer such as Soltex improve sustainability now and into the future.

“The synergies between our two companies are apparent, with Soltex taking into consideration the sustainability of their existing and new products.  As a toll processor specializing in chemical reclamation and molecule management, ORG CHEM Group looks forward to providing additional value to Soltex and their existing and growing customer base” per Matt Loebbaka, Business Development Manager for ORG CHEM Group.