Meet The Team: Blaine Wiles

Monday, June 20th, 2022

Soltex is so pleased to have Blaine Wiles as a member of our Customer Service team.

Blaine brings several years of logistics and customer service experience to Soltex, which benefits our overall operations. Blaine has been in the customer service industry since 17 years of age. He started in the food industry working his way up from a bus boy, to a waiter, then becoming a snow technician at Bahama bucks finding himself entering the logistics field. He enjoys the daily challenges of working through and discovering efficient ways to help the team. He believes in maintaining standards and going beyond the expectations of customers.

These are the comments from, Alicia Baltazar, our current Customer Service Manager, “In getting to know Blaine better, we have learned that he really enjoys, and has tremendous talent in, computer coding. In the short three months that he has been with Soltex, he has made suggestions both inside and outside of his department to increase efficiencies in our workflow. Customers appreciate his can-do attitude, and he is always willing to lend a helping hand to other team members. When serving our customers, Blaine intuitively takes steps to go above and beyond to help make their experience with Soltex as pleasant as possible.”

Blaine’s current hobbies are health and soccer. His devotion to the sport of soccer, starting at age three, has been a lifelong passion. He actively engages in video games such as FIFA and is involved in his community church.

We are happy to have Blaine on our team!