Meet the Team: Inside Sales

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Soltex did not have an Inside Sales model. Now, just a few years later, Inside Sales has become an integral part of Soltex’s continued growth and success in the chemical industry. Our Inside Sales team spend their days selling and promoting our innovative offerings as a chemical supplier remotely. This includes over the phone, online, or via video call, among other methods. The success of inside sales ultimately boils down to building relationships while delivering helpful and important information.


In our first employee profile blog, we introduce Celina Desvard and Matthew Massoud who both work in Inside Sales. Celina is an International Sales Rep who has worked at Soltex for 11 years. Matthew is an Account Manager and IT Software Development Manager and has been at Soltex for seven years.


Celina has been connected to the chemical industry since the very beginning of her career. Her role on the team directly manages and develops new business with international customers. Describing herself as service-oriented, Celina additionally spearheads maintaining and building upon relationships with existing customers and prospects through consistent communication including timely inquiry responses and order follow-ups. She mentions that developing an international presence for Soltex has been challenging but also equally rewarding, she has enjoyed being a part of the creation and growth of a new market for the company. Fluent in both English and Spanish, her language skills have been an asset in the international market. Describing her work experience with Soltex, she says it is “such a positive and open work environment with helpful employees from the bottom to the top of the company.” Based in Argentina, Celina has two young children, and credits her long-term partner Gaston for his unwavering support. In her spare time, she enjoys playing card games and cooking.


Like Celina, Matthew wears many hats within Soltex and shares the same passion for customer service and continuous improvement. A large part of his time goes to managing online inquiries and operating the website Live Chat. He also maintains multiple inside sales accounts and Software R&D and optimization. He explains that “Inside Sales gives us an edge when it comes to providing better service. Our Outside Sales Team is covering the majority of Soltex’s main accounts, so it helps having an Inside Sales team to focus on what can be managed in house.” Outside of work, Matthew enjoys fitness and sports (go Astros!) and dreams of one day exploring Norway. He also has two children, Maya (4) and Maddox (2).