Soltex Reactions Q2 – 2023

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Soltex’s Successful Participation in STLE 2023

Soltex recently participated in the STLE (Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers) 2023 trade show held in Long Beach, California. As a leading provider of innovative lubricant solutions, attending this trade show provided us with valuable opportunities to connect with customers, showcase our products, and explore the latest trends and topics at the forefront of the industry.


The main goal in attending the STLE 2023 tradeshow was to strengthen our relationships with existing customers, meet potential new clients, and create brand awareness while highlighting the strength of Soltex products. With a focus on technical professionals in the lubrication and tribology field, we aimed to engage with individuals who possess a deep understanding of the industry and can appreciate the unique benefits of our offerings. One of the highlights of our participation in the event was the opportunity for Soltex team members to share their deep expertise and insights on lubricant formulation and its applications.


To maximize visibility and impact, Soltex took advantage of sponsorship and marketing opportunities at the event. We sponsored one of the exhibitor appreciation events, allowing us to distribute marketing literature and customer goodies, such as handouts, which served as excellent promotional materials for our brand. As part of the engagement strategy, we also offered giveaways to attract attendees to the Soltex booth. These giveaways not only generated interest but also served as a tangible reminder of Soltex presence and offerings even after the trade show ended.


From a marketing perspective, the primary objective was to broaden awareness of Soltex products and specific strengths. Through informative conversations, eye-catching displays, and engaging presentations, we successfully showcased how our products have recently solved problems and assisted with various formulation needs. As a prime example of our product success, we highlighted the effectiveness of PCA as anti-wear packages used in fighting grade industrial gear oil.


Attending STLE 2023 also provided Soltex with valuable insights into industry trends and needs. We had the opportunity to network with other professionals, attend informative sessions, and gain valuable insight into market conditions. This knowledge will help us refine our strategies, innovate product offerings, and stay at the forefront of the lubrication and tribology field.


In conclusion, our participation in the STLE 2023 trade show was a resounding success. We were able to achieve our goals of connecting with customers, meeting potential clients, and raising awareness of Soltex products and their strengths. By actively engaging with attendees, sharing our expertise, and showcasing our innovative solutions, we left a lasting impression on the industry. The valuable insights gained from the event will enable us to continue delivering exceptional lubricant solutions to our customers and stay ahead of industry trends. We look forward to future opportunities to further contribute to the field of lubrication and tribology.

Soltex Attends NACD Washington Fly-In: Building Industry Relationships and Promoting Leadership

Participation in industry events plays a crucial role in expanding knowledge, building relationships, and staying ahead of the curve. Soltex recently made a significant impact at the NACD Washington Fly-In event. Through their participation, Soltex aimed to advocate for important policy goals, network with industry leaders, and enhance their position as an influential player in the Chemical Distribution market.


Building Lasting Relationships

Industry events provide an ideal platform for networking and establishing valuable connections with other emerging leaders. For Soltex, forging lasting relationships within the chemical industry is crucial for future growth and collaboration opportunities. The NACD Washington Fly-In offered an environment where industry professionals could interact, exchange ideas, and build strong networks. Through proactive engagement with emerging leaders, Jarrod Roussell, Soltex Product Manager, has forged lasting relationships that hold great potential for benefiting the company’s ongoing growth. These valuable connections have the power to foster partnerships, facilitate the exchange of insights, and inspire collaborative efforts that drive innovation and success at Soltex.


Another Soltex attendee, Bryan De La Rosa also experienced the benefits NACD offers to those in the chemical industry. “The NACD hosted Washington fly-in was a big success for our group. The event allowed us to not only meet with our local and regional government representation, but it also allowed us to bring forth challenges that we are facing in the market and gives us an arena to discuss future or current political changes that will directly impact our industry. The NACD does a great job at keeping all its members informed about these challenges and making the trip to Washington allowed us to follow up on these face to face. The event also provided a great opportunity for meeting and networking with industry leaders that are associate members of the NACD which is always a positive.”

The Value of Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders program offered by NACD holds immense value. This program provides a platform for young professionals to cultivate their leadership skills, gain insights from industry veterans, and foster personal growth. By participating in this program, Roussell was able to leverage his experiences and expand his capabilities as a leader within Soltex. As he continues to develop his leadership skills, Soltex stands to benefit from his enhanced decision-making abilities, strategic thinking, and industry acumen. The Emerging Leaders program serves as a catalyst for Jarrod’s continued growth and development, contributing to both his personal success and the overall growth of Soltex. Roussell stated, “The NACD fly-in was a very good experience. Meeting an actual representative from congress was a personal highlight, and being able to advocate for change particular to our industry was an inspiring experience.”


Soltex’s participation in the NACD Washington Fly-In event exemplifies the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the chemical industry. Through the involvement of key personnel like Jarrod Roussell and Bryan De La Rosa, Soltex not only enhances its own knowledge and network but also actively contributes to industry-wide initiatives and policy goals. By leveraging industry events to expand knowledge, build lasting relationships, and foster leadership development, Soltex positions itself as a leading force in the chemical industry. As Soltex continues to grow, the expertise and industry connections gained through events like the NACD Washington Fly-In will undoubtedly play a crucial role in its future success.


Soltex Growth Project: Ushering in a New Era of Expansion and Efficiency

In recent years, Soltex has been driving strategic growth projects at its manufacturing facilities in Baytown,
Texas, and Belleville, Ontario, Canada. These initiatives are aimed at enhancing operational
efficiency, expanding capacities, and ensuring a seamless experience for our valued customers and Soltex team members alike. Exciting developments are happening at both facilities, showcasing the
remarkable progress achieved through the Soltex Growth Project.

Baytown Facility:
This location has witnessed significant advancements that will revolutionize its packaging and
transportation capabilities. One notable achievement is the installation of an automated
packaging system featuring cutting-edge robotics, motorized conveyors, and advanced imaging
technology for precise package filling. This state-of-the-art system has not only improved
packaging efficiency by a staggering 100%, but has also enhanced safety measures, ensuring
top-flight standards.

Furthermore, the expansion of product transfer pipelines at the Baytown facility is a remarkable
feat. The addition of an extra Spur has effectively doubled the railcar access for transloading
and blending, expanding capacity and operational flexibility. Moreover, a brand-new truck scale
has been introduced within the facility, eliminating the need for truck drivers to scale at a
separate location. This strategic convenience streamlines operations and fosters stronger
relationships with Soltex’s truckers and customers.

To further augment inventory management and throughput, Soltex is adding an additional
45,000 square feet of concrete to expand its container space. This expansion ensures a
smoother flow of inventory within the facility, optimizing operations and meeting the growing
demands of the market. Simultaneously, the site is also increasing steam capacity to
accommodate an additional 24 containers, enhancing productivity and versatility.

In terms of employee well-being, Soltex has taken proactive measures to improve the working
environment. Large ceiling fans have been installed, improving air circulation and combating
heat exhaustion, creating a more comfortable and pleasant workspace for warehouse

Belleville Facility:
The Soltex Canadian facility in Belleville has experienced significant growth in handling
transformer oil products. To support this expansion, the facility has completed a crucial
development project. This project includes the addition of three 28,000-gallon stainless steel
tanks, along with accompanying piping and instrumentation. These new assets enhance
operational throughput and flexibility across all transformer oil products, benefitting both Soltex
and its valuable partnership with Ergon Refining.