Product Spotlight: Acetylene Black

 With the demand for technologies like electric vehicles and renewable energy on the rise, the need for battery manufacturing is at an all-time high. However, have you ever thought about what batteries are made from? Most of us are familiar with lithium-ion batteries (like the ones used in our phones and computers), but batteries can also be made with lithium sulfur dioxide, zinc air, lead acid, and others. The one thing all of these batteries have in common, though, is they all contain Acetylene Black – often referred to as “AB.”  


Acetylene Black is made from the thermal decomposition of acetylene gas and is available in powder and granular forms and standard and battery grades. Soltex Acetylene Black is a specialty additive that provides the highest degree of structural aggregation, increased thermal and conductive properties, and low metal and ash content. These factors of Soltex’s Acetylene Black meet the high standards of the aerospace, automotive and battery industries.   


Soltex’s Acetylene Black has uniquely high absorption and conductivity levels due to increased crystallization and a more developed secondary structure, which contributes to enhanced thermal dissipation, anti-static properties and improved elasticity. Perhaps most notably, Soltex Acetylene Black has high conductive grades developed specifically for battery applications, a reduction in the formation of dendrites and increased battery life. Equally important, Acetylene Black is manufactured with a range of absorption levels that meet performance needs outside of batteries as well, such as plastics, paints, adhesives, ceramics, sealants, and lubricants. Soltex Acetylene Black grades are UV stable and provide excellent pigmentation for the aforementioned end uses.  


Business Research Insights predicts the market size for Acetylene Black will be $318.5 million USD by 2028, and while batteries will largely contribute to the market, rubber and tires are a close runner up. Carbon black is one of the reinforcements regularly utilized in the automotive tire business due to its influence on the mechanical and dynamic features of tires. Acetylene Black is used into a variety of rubber formulations to alter the performance characteristics, such as a strengthening reinforcement agent or filler.  


So, with a growing demand for Acetylene Black, how will Soltex meet increasing consumer needs? The teams at Soltex are highly experienced when it comes to supply chain challenges. By facing those  challenges head-on, Soltex is committed and equipped to build stock of Acetylene Black with in-house laboratories to readily support customers with Soltex quality that can be counted on.