Soltex Reactions 2020 Newsletter, 3rd Quarter Issue

Celebrating 30 Years: Q&A With CEO Tony Massoud


Reflections on Three Decades with Soltex

As Soltex celebrates our 30-year anniversary, we asked one of our longest-tenured team members to share her thoughts. These comments are from Susan Kovacs, Vice President of Sales.


“Thirty years ago, I embarked on my Soltex journey. To put it mildly, the early years were challenging. I remember a customer I had known for 12 years saying, ‘Susan, do you mean you want me to buy product from Soltex when you are only four people and a phone?’ When I told him we had TWO phones, his fears subsided. But with persistence, we survived. Today his company remains one of my largest accounts.


“I cherish time. Wasting it is not an option, so I wanted to focus my work on what I am passionate about. This was especially true when I spent much of my career traveling and missing time with my wonderful family. Soltex has been a labor of love and I have always been proud to be part of the organization. Our priorities are right where they should be—customer-centric but also placing great value on dedicated employees. This combination sets us above many larger companies who are inflexible in their rules. I will put our service up against anyone and we will outperform them any time.


“These successes don’t happen by chance but through the efforts of an owner who has always had a vision for the company. Tony Massoud [Soltex founder and Chief Executive Officer] has been a great leader and friend since 1980. I value this relationship. Many other talented professionals have contributed along the way, including Osvaldo Desvard, Dave Brandt, Ellie MacNair, Paul Spillman and Lynda Davies, to name a few. Soltex is thriving today because of all these people and I know we have a bright future with Glenn Bohny [Soltex President] at the helm. As for my career, I would not change a thing. Not many people can say that.”

Soltex Reactions 2020 Newsletter, 2nd Quarter Issue

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Meet Our Newest Sales Team Member

Soltex is pleased to announce the appointment of Asa Diskin as Sales Representative.  He joins Soltex after spending several years in the chemical industry increasing his roles of responsibility.   His most recent role was Sales Manager for Chemlock Metals along with additional duty as International Logistics Manager.  Asa earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Ohio Wesleyan University and has certifications for D.O.T. Hazmat Employee and ISO 9001-2015 General Manager.


As Sales Representative, Asa will be responsible for managing and promoting all Soltex products with an emphasis on our Paint & Coatings products. Asa will work from his home office in Cincinnati, OH and will report to John Grimes, Director of Sales.


Please Welcome Asa to Soltex!


Soltex, Inc. Hires New Market Analyst

Soltex is happy to announce the appointment of Aklia Henson as Market Analyst.  She joins Soltex after 5 years’ experience with increasing responsibility in marketing for Hempel Inc.  Her most recent was Marketing Operations Lead. Aklia’s experience is enhanced by her Bachelor degree in Business Administration in Marketing with a minor in Management from Sam Houston State University.  She also earned certifications for Lean Six Sigma, Leadership Development and Marketing.


As Market Analyst, Aklia will be responsible for analyzing Soltex key markets and products, utilizing eChempax to identify and develop key metrics for opportunity development and growth.  Aklia will report to John Grimes, Director of Sales.


Please Welcome Aklia to Soltex!

Transformer Technology

What’s the state of the art for mineral insulating oils?

Ed Casserly, Senior Scientist at Ergon Refining, Inc. (a Soltex manufacturing partner) takes a deep dive into refining technologies and functional properties in his article, “Mineral Insulating Liquids – Where They Are From, Where They Are Going.

Read the full article here.

You’ll gain a better understanding of the refining processes used to manufacture these liquids, as well as the specifications in the standards and how they relate to performance.

For more information on our complete line of products, see Transformer Liquids and HyVolt.



Soltex, Inc. Announces Appointment of Glenn Bohny as President

Soltex, Inc. announced that Glenn Bohny was recently appointed President of the company. Bohny has been with Soltex for five years, serving as Advisory Board member, Commercial Vice President, and Vice President & General Manager. He is based at Soltex’s headquarters in Houston, TX.


“Obviously, assuming this role during a global pandemic adds a new level of complexity to his job,“ said Soltex CEO Tony Massoud. “But Glenn is up to the challenge. His skills and knowledge have already provided steady leadership in this time and will continue to serve Soltex well as he directs our initiatives for growth, innovation, and customer service.”


Bohny is an industry veteran with 30 years of experience in business strategy development, negotiation, and chemical purchasing. He has successfully built and managed global sales and customer service teams that excel in meeting customer needs and adding value to their products.


Prior to joining Soltex, Bohny served as Global Sourcing Director for OMNOVA Solutions Inc. and as Vice President of TPC Group (formerly Texas Petrochemicals). He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Texas Tech University.