Image of white fumed silica on black background, lubricants, additives

Your Fumed Silica Source

Monday, August 15th, 2022

Have you ever painted something and watched disappointedly as drips started to fall during the drying process? Soltex can help prevent reliving this experience by adding fumed silica to paints, thickening, and giving structure, without compromising opacity. 


Fumed silica is considered an anti-settling, anti-sagging agent in paint and coatings because it improves thixotropic and rheological properties. In other words, fumed silica impacts how the paint’s viscosity reacts to temperature and applied stress, like being shaken or stirred. Furthermore, fumed silica aids in the prevention of corrosion by preventing the migration of water through the film onto the substrate below while strengthening film hardness and adhesion to surfaces.   


In addition to paint, fumed silica can be found in a wide array of products including lubricants, powders, and elastomers. Lubricants and greases can be thickened (much like paint) by improving thixotropic and rheological properties and preventing drip too. Fumed silica can be added to powders to enhance free-flow and anti-caking characteristics, or to elastomers as reinforcement filler. 


Fumed silica is extremely light and fluffy, but can be difficult to handle as it is a pure and relatively reactive source of silica in powder form. Often, the level of reactivity causes a shortage in supply even when the demand for fumed silica is high. However, Soltex is committed to building stock of fumed silica to support our customers, reducing lead times to better manage inventories. 


Soltex is not only the industry leader in fumed silica stock but also in quality. Soltex fumed silica is unique because it is produced to high standards under ISO9001 Quality Management Systems. Product batches are tested during manufacturing and prior to shipment to ensure high-quality standards. So, the next time you grease a squeaky door or complete a satisfactory paint job, perhaps you can thank fumed silica for keeping your hard work and materials in place.