Strong Showing for Soltex at IEEE 2022

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Soltex employees recently exhibited at the IEEE conference in New Orleans where power and energy professionals gathered to learn about the new technologies and products shaping their industry. Collectively, the Soltex team was exceptionally satisfied with their maximum visibility booth location which they believe helped with consistent traffic. The results showed as networking and reconnecting with customers and colleagues in person again became a highlight of IEEE 2022. Throughout the conference, attendees demonstrated interest in new products, concern for product delivery logistics, and optimism for growth.


One of the new products generating buzz was Ergon Esters. Multiple attendees met with Soltex representatives to ask questions and learn more about this much anticipated product about to enter the market. While the industry is clearly eager for Ergon to be available, Soltex has set the expectation that prior to launch it will have to go through a highly rigorous qualification process, which is pending.


According to attendees, it appeared that there were concerns across the board with the ability to deliver products on time. Challenges in the supply chain have caused multiple delays for many vendors, thus lengthening the delivery times for products. Clearly, those suppliers who can guarantee on time deliveries will have an advantage in this market. [How Soltex is resolving delivery logistics issues]


Despite the concern over delivery logistics, the general sentiment around the IEEE 2022 tradeshow was this industry is ready for growth. Not only did exhibitors present numerous new technologies and products, but attendees seemed particularly interested in the ability by Soltex to supply core products such as dielectric fluids (DF), resulting in many new connections made in the DF market for Soltex. Another theme was the desire for vendors to develop new partnerships to collaborate on the creation and delivery of new solutions, poising the industry for future growth.


The Soltex team enjoyed the opportunity to participate in IEEE 2022 and look forward to exhibiting again in 2024 when the conference will be held in Anaheim, CA.

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