line of railcars, acetylene black, fumed silica, polybutene

Soltex Partners Make Way for Continued Company Success  

Monday, October 17th, 2022

Soltex’s continued growth and success over the years is credited to high-quality product offerings and devoted, knowledgeable, and customer-service focused employees. Yet, strong partnerships with outside entities also contribute to the ongoing company achievement. With two new supply chain partners, Transflo and Wolflake, joining the mix, we’re filling gaps to work toward further success and maintain our reputation of providing the best service possible to all customers.

Transflo is a solid stronghold in the Midwest region. With this partnership, we can provide timely product deliveries to customers. The newly secured space to stock product like polybutene is key to our customers and Soltex. The transloading facilities also provide key operational services, which was another major factor of consideration with our partnership as few locations have these capabilities.

With Transflo, we are also able to provide faster service via railcar with fewer checkpoints, further lessening the often-excruciating wait time in the chemical supply industry. The Transflo railcar tracks are the equivalent of four trucks of product and the railyard checks product with scale and heat checking. Something unexpected can happen like the 2021 winter storm. Texas has a reputation for bizarre weather changes that don’t normally occur within a normal year. Seasonal risks like hurricanes and winter weather (Refer to Former Blog) stress are also minimized now that we have a reliable and regional presence in the Midwest with material on the ground and ready to go for customers. The ability to have other areas of resources allows our operations to never close.

Similar to Transflo, Wolflake is another supply chain partner that allows us to stock products locally for customers in the Midwest and the country. As a familiar partner for us having previously been a place to stock polybutene, they are now stocking products such as acetylene black, fumed silica, and paint and coating products.

Our partnerships with Wolflake and Transflo, above all, allow us to continue prioritizing customer service and satisfaction. Their central locations and ability to house our most demanded products like acetylene black and polybutene securely vastly improves our supply chain and customer service focus, further contributing to Soltex success.