Mike Bonn, Soltex Employees, HyVolt C50A

Meet the Team: Mike Bonn

Thursday, August 25th, 2022

Each individual on the Soltex team contributes to driving the company toward further achievement. The sales team in particular plays a large role in doing so through their continuous efforts to maintain strong relationships with existing customers while building new relationships with potential customers. Technical Sales Executive Mike Bonn, who is based out of Canada, has found continued success in sustaining and forming connections with Soltex partners.


Bonn joined the Soltex team after working previously in electrical transformer manufacturing. With such a background, it’s no surprise that he describes the most interesting project he’s worked on as the development of HyVolt C50A liquid for the Canadian Market. Playing a key part in its consumer rollout, his deep knowledge of the product became a major factor in the success of the product.


Now in his fourth year with Soltex, Bonn credits many of his accomplishments within the company to his strong communication skills and helpful attitude. The “genuine desire to help customers get what they need” guides his actions and the sincere communication he provides daily. He also explains that customer needs are treated as urgent saying, “When customers call, we answer the phone and get them the solutions they need to help their businesses run more smoothly.”


His strong communication skills have vastly contributed to the customer satisfaction which he believes leads to more new customers and overall higher sales revenue. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic created additional challenges in getting out in the field to meet new prospective customers, his commitment and knowledge have driven success.


When not tending to current Soltex customers or driving new business, Bonn prefers to spend his time outside. From fishing to camping, hunting, woodworking, and even gardening, he is no stranger to the great outdoors. The Rocky Mountains have a place in his heart as his favorite vacation spot and he even co-hosts a podcast about ice hockey called the ScuttlePuck.