Ahn Dinh, Soltex Quality Analysis/Quality Control Chemist

Meet the Team: Anh Dinh

Wednesday, March 29th, 2023


Soltex employees are a large part of the continued success we find as a company. From our sales, to business operations teams, and even quality control; the individuals who perform these functions are essential. Anh Dinh currently works as a Quality Analysis/Quality Control Chemist and recently shared with us a bit more about his time with Soltex and his life beyond the lab.


Now in his eighth year with Soltex, Dinh performs a variety of tasks that are necessary for Soltex to continue producing and distributing high-quality chemicals worldwide. He is responsible for communicating and analyzing the quality control of substances and ultimately reviews and approves the quality of end products. He also takes part in the continuous innovation within Soltex by evaluating and sampling methodologies of technologies to determine their usefulness. In this role, attention to detail is critical as is the ability to lead a team and Din excels at both.


Dinh established a career in the chemical industry immediately following college. He describes the R&D (research and development) green technologies project as the most interesting thing he’s worked on in recent times. This project directly involved finding new ways for clean energy innovation at Soltex. And while this is by no means a solution to climate change, it’s a step in the right direction and wouldn’t be possible without individuals like Din.


The sheer volume of work within a busy chemical solutions company, Dinh details, can be a challenge to keep up with. Yet, he has succeeded in not only keeping up over the years, but in going above and beyond to serve Soltex customers. Success, he says is “when I don’t have any customer complaints about the quality of our products.” Such a focus on serving the customer is something we continue to see as a commonality among Soltex employees, which is key in setting us apart from other suppliers. Dinh attributes much of his success in the workplace to his leadership and problem-solving skills.


Outside of work Dinh enjoys fishing and going on vacation with his family to tropical destinations like Hawaii. He also enjoys indulging in Japanese cuisine and as a Houston resident he is a loyal fan of the Texans football team.