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Meet Our Team: Strong Operations Under Tough Conditions

Thursday, April 29th, 2021

During the winter ice storm our Soltex Warehouse team worked beyond the call of duty with our sales, customer service, technical to operation teams, we all pulled together in unison to ensure that this period would go over as smoothly as possible. Constant communication, critical thinking, gathering online, and listening to all departments created a very efficient and successful rebound.

When you lose a week of production during what is one of the busiest times of the year for Soltex it can cause a large number of product delays. With our team, we knew the task at hand and worked 7-day weeks for a month to help to get our production schedules back in line, have our inventories reach a healthy status, and in turn were able to service our customers sooner than many could.

“I struggle determining what our failures were during the winter storm, we have a strong team of talented individuals who understand what it takes to perform under pressure and under less-than-ideal circumstances. I would say our biggest success was in preparation. With all the site preparation that took place leading up to the winter storm, it kept nearly all our processes intact. We experienced minor damage relative to what we were hearing in the market and were fully operational within 2 days after the storm. We are very proud of the hard work and dedication our team put forth to persevere through such a difficult time.” – Bryan De La Rosa, VP of Operations