David Collins, Soltex Employee, Soltex Team

Meet The Team: David Collins Steps Up to Lead Business Development at Soltex

Wednesday, August 10th, 2022

As Soltex continues to grow, we welcome new, talented individuals to our team. Filling a particularly essential role as business development manager is David Collins, whose leadership will be paramount to nurturing and cultivating continued company-wide success.


Collins explains that as the manager of business development, he has the opportunity to “look vertically within the organization to identify new in-organic business segments, products and additional opportunities that will strategically benefit” Soltex as a whole. Having joined the team just over three months ago, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the chemical and lubricant industry. He explains that his diverse background gives him a broader perspective than most and allows him to think outside the box.


In speaking with Collins, it’s evident that he has already found a rhythm in his work. Between coordinating with multiple parts of the company to review market trends and identifying opportunities to propose new business ideas, his focus on improving the company’s revenue is clear. While navigating partnerships can be tricky, he explains that he is able to operate in a way that ensures “growth opportunities are still aligned to core philosophies” at Soltex. Soltex’s differentiation comes with its robust and quality product lines. The service-oriented approach to business additionally makes Soltex stand out among competitors.


As he continues to settle into the Soltex team, Collins details what it means to be successful to him, saying, “I see success as a moving target. By continually updating and stretching my goals, I am able to stay on track and motivate myself to keep working towards long-term objectives.”


Happily married with “three fully grown and independent children,” you can find Collins exploring many unique hobbies and interests outside of work, including blue water sailing and golfing. A big rugby fan, he’s also an avid follower of the Irish Lions. Soltex is thrilled to have him on board and looks forward to much continued success with his leadership.